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San Francisco, CA – San Francisco residents currently power their homes and businesses through PG&E. In 2002, California passed a law that allows cities and counties to purchase their own electricity and provide an option for their residents. CleanPowerSF plans to offer 100 percent renewable energy which includes wind, solar and other renewable sources to the City’s customers.

The spokesman for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Tyrone Jue says, “The program offers customers different choice of 100% renewable energy verse 16% from PG&E, and that’s what we want, the choice to give our customers.”


The SFPUC is in charge of proposing and implementing the program. Jue says if the City offers 100% renewable energy, it’s going to cost for about 50% of all San Franciscocustomers about $7 more on their electrical bill per month.

CleanPowerSF is in a hearing by the Board of Supervisors. If it’s approved, the program is expected to launch as early as July 2012. “Once we implement CleanPowerSF, everyone becomes
enrolled in it, and then they have 4 separate opportunities to opt out of the program and just switch back to PG&E if they want to,” said Jue. He adds that about 20,000 of the 330,000 customers are expected to remain with the new CleanPowerSF program.

In the Bay Area, only Marin Energy Authority is currently offering the similar renewable energy program to their customers.

The City also expects CleanPowerSF to create more jobs by building out and owning its own generation resources. Once the program is implemented, everything would stay the same except one item from customer’s electrical bill will come from CleanPowerSF.

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