SFPUC votes no on a CleanPowerSF’s program

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) votes no on not-to-exceed rate for CleanPowerSF, a 100 percent renewable energy program for San Franciscans who are currently PG&E customers. The latest proposed monthly rate for most of residential customers is $5.29 more than the current PG&E’s rate, which has been reduced about 50% from the original rates.

舊金山綠色電力支持者呼籲市府儘快推動實施該計劃 CleanPowerSF supporters urge the City to move the program forward (KTSF)

The supporters holds a rally in front of San Francisco City Hall today to urge the SFPUC to vote on not-to-exceed rates as soon as possible in order to implenment the CleanPowerSF program. Michelle Myers, Director of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club says, “Giving San Franciscans a choice of renewable energy would mean that we create the program in the energy market, and encourage all of electricity providers to pioneer green energy.”

A group of workers from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245 opposes the program because they worry about that some of their workers would lose their jobs. Hunter Sterm, the business representitive for IBEW local 1245 says, “It’s that work that Shell will replace. So the contract with Shell will take some of our jobs outside of California.”

The CleanPowerSF was approved last fall by the Board of Supervisors and intended to launch this summer. However, the implementation of the progarm has been delayed due to the rates have not been set up yet.

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