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(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco, CA – The proposed CleanPowerSF program offers customers 100% renewable energy and competes with PG&E which currently provides 16% renewable energy. The renewal energy through CleanPowerSF includes solar, wind and etc..


Customers who want to use PG&E have four separate opportunities over four months to opt out of CleanPowerSF. There’s a $5 opt-out fee for customers that exit the program after the 4 month opt-out period. In addition, CleanPowerSF customers will pay from $7 to $50 more per month than PG&E customers.

Some residents want to opt out the program because of the cost.  One woman says “Money is more important to me. Of course I want to save money.” One man says, “I’m for clean energy but clean energy has to be cost effective too. So I hope it doesn’t have to cost much more than what it’s already costing me.”

One person who thinks that the clean energy is good for both environment and health doesn’t mind paying more. For example, one man says, “It’s going to cost more but it’s also going to save you in other areas. 100% renewable is not going to happen overnight but we have to move in that direction.”

There are also people who  want to first see how the program works, so they will not opt in at the beginning. One woman says, “I want to see if customers can get the same service if they have to pay more, so I won’t opt in right away.”

It’s estimated that 75,000 customers will not opt out of CleanPowerSF. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is in charge of implementing the program has signed a 4.5 year contract with Shell Energy North America. The contract also includes $15 million placed in an escrow account to pay Shell if the program is terminated early before the contract expires.

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