‘Chrome revolver bandit’ found guilty in 14 armed robberies

(Bay City News)

A jury found the so-called “Chrome Revolver Bandit” guilty of all charges in connection with 14 armed robberies in San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Francisco counties Friday.

After three days of deliberations, Ricky Renee Sanders, 36, was found guilty of 44 felonies that he committed in 2011 at stores including PetSmart, Beverages & More, PetCo and Gamestop.

Sanders armed himself with a large silver handgun during the robberies, hence his nickname, according to prosecutors.

In one of the robberies at a San Mateo PetSmart on Oct. 8, 2011, Sanders shot a manager in the leg, prosecutors said.

Sanders was arrested after robbing a store in San Jose on Nov. 1, 2011, according to prosecutors.

In the three-week trial, the jury — consisting of four men and eight women — heard prosecutors explain how phone records, cash deposits and clothes and a getaway vehicle found at Sanders’ home implicated Sanders to the crimes.

The 44 separate charges include armed robbery, attempted robbery, assault with a firearm, and mayhem.

Sander’s defense attorney countered that the armed bandit was covered up during the robberies and witnesses may have incorrectly identified Sanders.

The defense also argued that the robberies were committed by Sanders’ friend, Charlie Hustle, whom Sanders claimed to have often loaned his car, ATM PIN and both his cellphones.

Sanders is scheduled to be sentenced on April 25. He remains in custody on no bail.

He faces a possible life sentence.

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