Chipotle admits using genetically modified ingredients

You might want to take a closer look at the fast food meals you eat.

The Chipotle chain now admits some of the products it serves are genetically modified.

Chipotle Mexican Grill constantly promotes its commitment to healthy ingredients… like naturally-raised grilled chicken.


But Chipotle has recently come clean– becoming one of the first fast-food chains to admit: it’s got genetically-modified organisms, GMO, in many of its top-selling dishes, in chicken and steak, tortillas.

“Genetically-modified organisms: In English- what are they, why should we be concerned?”

“When foods are genetically-modified, their genetic material has been unnaturally changed.”

That’s because it’s been processed….grown on factory-like farms, nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge says.

She contends- the soybean oil that chipotle says it marinates chicken in- can, in high quantities, lead to higher risk of heart disease or arthritis.

Soybean oil is also used in some other chipotle dishes.

“If you want a Chipotle dish without genetically-modified ingredients– don’t go with the instinct that so many have– with the standard burrito, chicken steak and rice. You’ll have to order a dish with some pork– lettuce, beans, maybe some salsa..”

Chipotle didn’t provide someone to speak on camera. But a company spokesman told us they’re moving away from soybean-oil in most dishes.

Recently they switched to sunflower oil to make taco shells and chips.


“Oh that’s great news for people who love chips, because if they’re made with whole corn and a healthy oil like sunflower oil, they’re actually good for you.”

Chipotle says the food industry in America is dominated by artificially-processed ingredients — that it’s hard to get away from them.

how hard?

On its website, Chipotle still places a “G” for genetically-modified– next to its ingredients-list for chicken, steak, tortillas… for half its foods.

Chipotle says it’s constantly seeking ways to move away from all of it, to healthier mixtures… and that unlike so many other fast-food chains, at least it’s telling customers about its artificial ingredients.

We asked people coming out of a chipotle if this would steer them away.

“Absolutely, because I care about what I put in my body.”

“No it wouldn’t because the vast majority of U-S produce is injected with chemicals.”

On the comments from Katherine Tallmadge that soybean oil in some Chipotle foods raises your risks for heart disease or arthritis.

The Soy Foods Association pointed us to an expert who flat-out disputed that, saying the key omega acids in soybean oil actually reduce those risks.

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