Chinese protesters against planned uranium processing plant


Hundreds of people on Friday took to the streets of the southern Chinese city of Jiangmen to protest against plans to build a uranium processing plant.

It was revealed earlier this month that a 230 hectare plot in the city will be turned into a uranium processing plant.

Footage from Hong Kong Cable TV showed protesters marching towards the local government building, holding banners and placards denouncing the plans.

Police were at the scene to guard the government building.

Residents are worried that the proposed plant will harm their health and are calling for the plan to be scrapped.

Some protesters complained that the project was carried out without the consensus in the community.

“They are going to carry out a project which will threaten our life without our consensus,” said one protester who did not give his name.

The authorities say there was a consultation period of ten days but protesters claimed this wasn’t long enough for the rights and wrongs of the project to be properly debated.

“You probably don’t know anything about it in just ten days. Why do you (the government) promote other policies on television but you don’t promote this project on television?” asked on protester.

The planned plant is being jointly funded by the China National Nuclear Corporation and the China General Nuclear Power Corporation.

The project will cost 37 billion RMB (6 billion US dollars).

Cable TV reported that a representative from local government tried to reassure protesters that their opinions would be taken into account.

Pollution problems have been a leading cause of unrest in recent years as China undergoes rapid economic development.

Citizens have become more outspoken when it comes to environmentally harmful projects.

In May this year, around 2,000 people in Kunming rallied to oppose plans for a petroleum refinery.

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