Love of the 100 Days

Yuen Ting-yin, a 32-year-old from Taiwan who is a disciplined, scrupulous and conservative accountant has lived in Hong Kong for a while. During a traveling tour, he hastily married a 29-year-old, straight tempered, self-willed and romantic freelanced illustrator Lai Hoi-Yee. But she loves freedom and romance, which disagrees with Ting-yin’s well-organized and monotonous lifestyle. They try hard to cope with each other but fail repeatedly. They experience many difficulties at the beginning of marriage that they both soon come to regret their speed marriage. Right after their marriage, they bought a bed with a 100-day return policy. As they get near their 100th day, will they begin to change their minds, or will they return the mattress and go their different paths?

Mondays, 8PM to 9PM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles.

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