If You Are the One

“If You Are the One,” or “Fei Cheng Wu Rao,” which literally translates to “Do not disturb unless you’re sincere,” is a match-making reality show featuring men and women looking for their perfect partner. The host and the commentators display humor and wit throughout the unpredictable match-making process, where each suitor may be voted out by 24 women during the courting process. The women can also choose to keep the suitor in the show to see if he is actually Mr. Right, who, in order to win a date, must survive three rounds of tests. But that’s only if the suitor can survive harsh and blunt criticism about everything, from his attitude, to his life accomplishments, and his even appearance by an intimidating lineup of young women. Hosted by Meng Fei.
Sundays, 8:00PM to 9:30PM. Mandarin with Chinese subtitles.
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  1. muhuan tang says:

    good good good

  2. Chi Yung Lee says:

    What season/episode is KTSF on for this show? We can watch this show on ICN also, but they are out-of-step with each other and I can’t figure out how new or where the episodes shown are.

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