Chinese New Migrants: Chasing Dreams Abroad

With the passage of time, immigration has become a popular topic and a choice for ordinary people. “Chinese New Migrants: Chasing Dreams Abroad” is a 13-episode documentary which provides the comprehensive record of the living state of Chinese migrants in the new era.

The crew went to the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, New Zealand and other countries, conducted in-depth interviews with nearly 40 new immigrants. The interviewees include science and technology talents, industry leaders, businessmen, “the second generation of the rich” and politicians, etc.

The theme of each episode varies and shares a panoramic picture of the Chinese migrants. It is an objective record of the new immigrant’s life and thoughts.

Experiencing the first three times of migration changes, when the fourth wave of immigration is about to start, what are the concerns of the new generation of immigrants? What kind of dreams do they pursue? This program gives the answers.

Tuesdays, 8PM to 9PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles.

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