Chinese Program Overview

Old Boy

Old Boy revolves around Wu Zheng, a pilot with a high-flying job and enviable good looks. He is more than capable of taking responsibility for the lives of countless passengers but outside of work, he is tameless and free-spirited and basically a child at heart. His son named Xiao Han turns up out of the blue followed by teacher Lin Xiao Ou who’s more than eager to help out. Needless to say, their arrival shakes up the life of a jet-setter especially since Pilot and Teacher had met once before when they were abroad, and it wasn’t pretty.

Mondays through Fridays, 9PM to 10PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles.

Health No. 1

Beauty is an important part of being a human. More and more men and women are beginning to understand how to maintain their physical appearance. In the era of information overload, it can be hard to know how to eat healthy and how to exercise to maintain your beauty and health. In each episode, we invite experts and scholars of both Eastern and Western medicine to talk about getting healthy, staying beautiful, and managing weight.

Mondays, 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles

Tang’s Magic Trip

Renowned astrologist Jesse Tang takes you from the UK, to Thailand, France and India to discover how different cultures have influenced horoscopes.

Tuesdays, 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles

WTO Sister Show

This cross-cultural variety talk show from Taiwan features not only celebrities and experts, but also newcomers to Taiwan. Guests share their stories and experiences focusing around a central topic every show, which include different countries’ cultures, new and strange cultural experiences, cross-cultural marriage life, and language-learning experiences. There are also special activities and locations featured throughout the show.

Wednesdays, 8PM to 9PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitle.

Stylish Man-The Chef

This Golden Bell award winning cooking contest show is hosted by Zeng Guocheng and Xia Yuqiao. Chef Judges are two of the most popular Celebrity chefs in Taiwan, A-Ji and James.

Thursdays, 8PM to 9PM. Mandarin

Hello Doctor

Health and medical advice is given by physicians who are from different specialty areas, and who uncover what working at a hospital is really like. Hosted by the popular TV show host Hu Gua.

Fridays, 8PM to 9PM. Mandarin


Talker – Health Attention

Recent surveys show that many Hong Kong people won’t go to the doctor when they are sick. 40% of men say they see the doctors only when the health problem worsens, but by this time it may be too late. Every human body is unique, but you can learn the messages that your symptoms are sending. This show provides audiences with general knowledge about human bodies and how to tell when your body needs medical attention.

Mondays, 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles

Talker – Bed Talk

This series investigates the relationship between men and women from a spiritual perspective. In each episode, a specialist from various areas of spirituality will be invited to lecture on relationships between men and women. Additionally, there are also celebrity guests who talk about their own relationship experiences and problems. The hosts and guests will be dressed in pajamas, carrying out their discussions on a big bed.

Mondays, 11:30 PM to 12:00 AM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles


“View” features Hong Kong’s latest fashion products and brands, also the hottest cuisines and restaurants.

Tuesdays, 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles

Talker – Men’s Talk

Men discuss their beliefs and opinions on how to get along with women.

Tuesdays, 11:30 PM to 12:00 AM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles


Join the young and the young at heart as they discover the world and its endless adventure, presented by hosts who show you the world and its people from a whole new angle.

Wednesdays through Thursdays, 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles


KTSF Morning News


Monday through Friday, 6:00AM to 8:00AM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles.

China News

CCTV News provides comprehensive global coverage, delivering the latest domestic and regional development news and information on business, finance, economics and culture.

Mondays through Fridays, 8:00AM to 8:30AM. Mandarin


Fruity Pie

A little store filled with children’s stories is the setting for amazing happenings each day. With Granny Fruity Pie as the main character, this lively and fun program takes children to explore their environment, interpersonal relationships, health, and safety education.

E/I, TV-Y, Ages 2-10

The E/I symbol identifies educational and informational television programming that furthers the education and informational needs of children 16 years of age and under in any respect, including the child’s intellectual/cognitive or social/emotions needs.”

Mondays through Fridays, 8:30AM to 9:00AM. Mandarin.

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Showers of Blessing

A religious program with true life-changing stories to inspire people with hope and encouragement.

Mondays through Fridays, 11:30AM to 12:00PM. Cantonese, SAP Mandarin with Chinese subtitles.

Zhong Tian News

Provides Taiwan’s most focused political dynamics, the most in-depth social tracking and international topics of world attention, a variety of lifestyle information, KUSO fresh and interesting topic.

Mondays through Thursdays, 12:00PM to 12:30PM. Mandarin.

Daai Drama: Family Resonance

家中經濟的困頓再加上弟弟的生病,讓楊中喜一家陷入一陣愁雲慘霧。即便如此,楊家人也沒有因此被打倒,反而更加努力地打拚過日子。 孩子們各個也都互相扶持、幫忙家裡…因為窮過、苦過,反而更讓他們學習到了感恩與惜福,也更懂事、更團結了…

Mondays through Thursdays, 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. Formosan with Chinese Subtitles.

A Path to True Happiness

The teachings of venerable Master Chin Kung.
1.Buddhism is the most profound and wholesome education directed by the Buddha toward all people.
2.The content in Buddha Shakyamuni’s forty-nine years of teaching describes the true reality of life and the universe. Life refers to oneself, universe refers to our living environment.
3.Those who possess a complete and proper understanding of life and the universe are called Buddhas or Bodhisattvas. Those who lack the understanding are called ordinary people.
4.Cultivation is changing the way we think, speak, and act toward people and matters from an erroneous way to a proper way.
5.The guideline for cultivation is understanding and awakening, proper views and purity. Understanding and awakening is to be without delusion, proper views is without deviation, and purity is without pollution. This can be achieved by practicing the Three Learnings of self-discipline, concentration, and wisdom.
6.The Three Conditions are the foundation of cultivation and study. When interacting with people, accord with the Six Harmonies and when interacting with society, practice the Six Principles. Follow the ten lessons taught by Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and dedicate one’s mind to everlasting purity and brightness. These complete the purpose of the Buddha’s teachings.

Mondays through Fridays, 1:30PM to 2:00PM. Rebroadcast at 1:00AM-1:30AM on the same day. Mandarin with Chinese subtitles.

YOYO Fun Travel

This series is designed to encourage children to explore and develop connections with the natural world. For example, visiting a local zoo, spending a day at the beach or engaging in other outdoor activities are all explored as great ways for kids to stay active and healthy. For ages 2 through 12.
Wednesdays, 2:00PM to 2:30PM. Mandarin.

Talk Today

Talk Today” is a live interactive interview program where viewers can call in to participate in the discussion. Every Friday, veteran host Jiayu Jeng focuses on the latest social issues, the hottest news topics, entertainment news, arts and culture, local lifestyle topics, plus brings you interviews with stars & celebrities. To top it off, the show regularly includes contests and prize giveaways.

Broadcast live each Friday at 12:00pm with a repeat on Friday 11:00pm, and Sundays at 7:30PM to 8:00PM. Mandarin.
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Daai Variety Programs

Life Wisdom: Living wisdom from Master Cheng Yen’s 12-minute speech.

The Footprints of Great Love in China: Based on Tzu Chi’s overseas relief experiences and core principles, the program presents a map of China enriched by true stories of the locals and its socio-economic phenomena.

Stories Told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen: Thought-provoking stories told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen are made into cartoon animation with music and Chinese watercolor.

Fridays, 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles

Entertainment Online

One of the best entertainment news report programs in China, Entertainment Online delivers you first-hand e-news transmitted by satellite, so that you’ll be the first among your friends to know what happens in showbiz.

Fridays, 11:30PM to 12:00AM. Saturdays and Sunday, 9:30PM to 10:00PM. Mandarin.

Life Wisdom

Master Cheng Yen shares the preceding 24 hours of world events, volunteer achievements and Tzu Chi’s four missions in a 12-minute summary.

Saturdays, 6:30AM to 7:00AM. Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles.

Banquet Scene Investigation

Each dining table ties people together, providing a place to tell stories. Travelling to people’s homes or different restaurants in Hong Kong, this program explores many stories through food.

Saturdays, 6PM to 6:30PM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles.

My Friends and I

It’s always not easy to make friends in the workplace, especially in the showbiz industry. But our hosts, Maria Chung and Nelson Cheung, are exceptions to the rule. In this new program, Maria and Nelson invite their buddies from the industry to talk about their love lives, careers, ups and downs, and many other topics.

Saturdays, 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles

Medicine Online

This program discusses topics relating to medical and public health issues.

Saturdays, 6:30PM to 7:00PM. Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles.

Bay Area Focus with Lily Chou

“Bay Area Focus with Lily Chou” will invite professionals from a variety of businesses including finance, education, health, real estate and others that provide products and services that are essential in viewers’ daily lives. The focus of the show is to provide useful information, especially for new immigrants. The show is designed for viewers to learn more about the Bay Area and help them face the challenges of being in a new place.

Saturdays, 7:30PM to 8:00PM. Mandarin

Thumbs Up Fei

Taiwan variety show with celebrity interviews, music and magic. Hosted by famous media personality Chang Fei, the former leading host of “The Big Brother of Entertainment”.

Saturdays, 8:00PM to 9:30PM. Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles.

Business & Lifestyle

Your weekly TV reference guide to all things business. Featured are profiles of successful businesses, tips from established entrepreneurs on how to grow your business, and how to avoid common pitfalls of first-time business owners.

Sundays,6:30PM to 7:00PM. Mandarin.
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If You Are the One

“If You Are the One,” or “Fei Cheng Wu Rao,” which literally translates to “Do not disturb unless you’re sincere,” is a match-making reality show featuring men and women looking for their perfect partner. The host and the commentators display humor and wit throughout the unpredictable match-making process, where each suitor may be voted out by 24 women during the courting process. The women can also choose to keep the suitor in the show to see if he is actually Mr. Right, who, in order to win a date, must survive three rounds of tests. But that’s only if the suitor can survive harsh and blunt criticism about everything, from the suitors’ attitude, accomplishments, and even appearance by an intimidating lineup of young women. The show has been a ratings success in China and is now the highest-rated show for Jiangsu TV.

Sundays,8:00PM to 9:30PM. Mandarin with Chinese subtitles.