Chinese among missing in capsized So Korean ship


Relatives of the two confirmed Chinese passengers aboard the capsized South Korean passenger ship are eagerly awaiting information about their missing family members.

Two Chinese nationals, one male and one female, were aboard the ill-fated ship that departed from the western port city of Incheon bound for the southern resort island of Jeju, an official with the Chinese embassy said.

The passengers’ relatives said they saw surveillance camera footage of their family members boarding the ship in their vehicle.

“They have boarded. I took a picture of them, they were holding each others’ hands just one moment before they boarded the ship. They brought their own vehicle aboard and that has already been confirmed,” said a female relative of the two confirmed Chinese passengers, on condition of anonymity.

According to local regulations, passengers with a vehicle could board the ship by only registering the vehicle plate number instead of their personal information, which might explain why South Korean authorities have so far failed to find information on the two Chinese passengers.

As many as 325 students and 15 teachers from Danwon High School in Ansan, a Seoul suburb known to be home to a large number of Chinese people, were on board when the accident happened, according to the Chinese embassy.

The ship capsized in waters off South Korea’s southwest coast on Wednesday, leaving at least nine people dead and 287 others still missing.

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