Chinese Pancake recipe

1. First, make the dough. One teaspoon yeast for one pound flour. Mix yeast with a cup of water and pour it over flour. Add a little baking powder to accelerate the rising process. Knead the dough. Then wait about an hour for the dough to rise.

2. Second, roll the dough flat with a rolling pin into a square shape. Sprinkle a little salt, a little oil and a cup of diced scallions evenly onto the surface. Starting from the center of the dough, cut downwards to the edge. Fold the cut quarterly piece up to the top and then fold the rest of the dough to make it only 1/4th of the original size. Knead the dough again to make it flat. Add sesame seeds to both sides of the dough evenly.

3. Lastly, fry the dough. Pour a cup of oil in to the pan. Put the dough into the pan and turn the burner to high. Fry both sides to a light brown and semi crispiness. Then add half a cup of water into the pan and put the lid on. Cook between 5 to 10 minutes. Once the water dries up and both sides become completely brown and crispy, turn off the stove and take it out. Cut the Chinese pancake into pie slices and enjoy with family and friends!

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