China: Motorcyclist challenges traffic law


For most people, there are not many ways to drive a motorcycle. But this man surnamed Gao from east China’s Jiangxi Province has his unusual way of driving, which makes other people on the road breaking out in a cold sweat.

Around 10:30 Saturday, Gao was seen standing on a motorcycle, facing backward on a road in Jiangxi’s capital Nanchang. When the green traffic light was on, he started the motorcycle, and drove just in that posture.

Gao’s “acrobatic performance” immediately drew the attention of other drivers and pedestrians, who saw the motorcycle swaying its way through the traffic. The motorcyclist, however, was even relaxed enough to take a phone call.

Gao stopped by a building material market. When asked about the reason to drive in such an unusual way, the middle-aged man said it was mainly to avoid chilly winds from blowing in his face.

“I only worry about other people hitting me, I don’t worry about my driving skills,” Gao said.

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