Chinese moms move their money


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)
Mothers brought their children to Wells Fargo bank to cancel their accounts. They say that they represent 99% of the people complaining that the big corporations are laying off people while giving high salaries and bonuses to top executives.
One of the mom protesters says, “They get bonuses and yachts, while the rest of us are struggling. We think that they need to pay for their share. Even my kids, 1.5 and 3.5 know how to share. So we are saying to the banks, you have to share too. Very simple.”

The moms also say their families deserve a vibrant community, comprehensive healthcare, quality public schools, meaningful jobs, beautiful parks, and strong social services. Event organizers add that low-income, and families of color have disproportionately been impacted by cuts to welfare, childcare subsidies, education and MediCal. Meanwhile, they say the cost of living, healthcare, food, housing and college tuition continue to rise. The protesters add that they know people who have lost jobs and health insurance and been impacted by foreclosures.

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