Chinese miners begin giving up their Ghanaian gold dreams


More Chinese miners have returned to China from Ghana, after 124 Chinese nationals were detained in Accra, Ghana’s capital, and released Sunday.

Chen Xinliang is now back in his hometown, Shanglin County of Nanning City, capital of southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. He was one of the lucky gold rushers in Ghana. He went to the country as a gold miner, and later opened his own mine with his savings.

“Normally I get two to three hundred, or one hundred grams of gold every day. Over the past two years, I earned at least a million yuan in,” Chen said.

High rewards have attracted many villagers like Chen to travel across the globe to search for gold in the West African country. Since 2006, more than 12 thousand people from Shanglin County have joined the gold rush team.

But not everyone has been as lucky. Wen Lianjin was once attacked in Ghana by the local workers. Even though he managed to escape, he still got injured.

“They asked me to get inside (the room), and knocked my down. Then they dragged me to the wall,” Wen said.

Due to poor medical standards in Ghana, Wen had to come back home for treatment. It’s not known whether he will ever fully recover. And some miners even paid the price with their lives, like middle-aged woman Huang whose husband died in Ghana during a midnight robbery last month.

“They broke in in the middle of the night and shot him dead,” Huang said.

The Ghanaian law has requested that gold mines, less than 25 acres, should only be owned by the locals. And this year the government has carried out stricter supervision on illegal mining. But for many gold rushers from China, there may be no way back home.

“All excavators have been taken. We are not allowed to do (gold) business,” said a villager.

In response to recent incidents, Chinese foreign ministry has urged Ghana’s government to protect the safety and legal rights of Chinese miners. It has also advised Chinese gold rushers to return to their home country and quit illegal mining.

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