Chinese man who threw baby to ground goes on trial


A Beijing court on Monday began hearing the homicide case of a man accused of lifting a 34-month-old toddler and hurling her to the ground in July.

The court hearing began at 09:30 at the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court.

Han Lei has been charged with intentional homicide for killing the baby girl.

According to surveillance video, Han lifted the girl from her carriage and hurled her to the ground in Daxing District of Beijing on July 23 after a dispute with the baby’s mother over a parking space.

Han fled the scene but was captured the next day.

The girl was severely injured and died days later despite treatment.

Prosecutors recommended that Han, who had been jailed before, should be given a severe punishment.

Li Ming, who helped Han flee the scene, turned himself over to the police two days later and has been charged with harboring a criminal

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  1. Llyn Bryant says:

    There is a story going around – this guy was formally a policeman? Yes or No?

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