Chinese Hospital hopes to raise $40 million for improvements

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

For those who cannot communicate with doctors and nurses in English, seeking medical help is a difficult task. That’s why 78 year-old chronic patient Mr. Chu decided to donate the $10,000 he has been saving for a long time, to  support the rebuilding of the Chinese Hospital.

The Chinese Hospital anticipates tearing down the entire old wing which does not meet the national earthquake resistance standard at the end of this year. Upon completion of the new 7-story building, the total usable area of the Chinese Hospital will double. The hospital hopes to provide better services and increase patient capacity with the equipment of MRIs, 22 skilled nursing beds, as well as increase the number of operating rooms from 2 to 4.

In addition to funds from the hospital’s reserve and bank loans, the hospital hopes to raise another $40 million to make up for the total estimated rebuilding cost of $160 million.

KTSF is a fundraising partner and will broadcast a telethon on Sunday April 1, from 9:30p.m. – 11p.m.

Donation hotline: 415-677-2470

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