Chinese girl travels 16 hours for help with eye injury


A 12-year-old Chinese girl suffering a grievous eye injury was rushed to hospital in Shanghai Thursday after spending over 16 hours on the road.

The girl, surnamed Wu, got her right eye pierced with a bamboo stick Wednesday afternoon while she was playing with a cousin in her hometown, Shangrao of Jiangxi Province.

Wu was immediately sent to one of the best hospitals in Jiangxi, but doctors there advised the girl be taken to a more advanced hospital in Shanghai for treatment.

As doctors advised not to put the injured girl on a plane, Wu’s uncle found a taxi driver willing to take them all the way to Shanghai for 2,000 yuan ($326). The driver, Zhang Xianbing, promised to make the 500km-plus trip in eight hours and waived any additional costs.

Wu’s story was first picked up by Jiangxi Daily, which posted the taxi’s license car plate number and the telephone number of Wu’s uncle online, urging readers to help guide the car to Shanghai. The post was forwarded more than 1,000 times within hours.

Shanghai police sent traffic police officers to a toll gate to wait for them and police vehicles eventually escorted the taxi to the Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University at 16:03 on Thursday.

Wu’s parents, who work in Shantou, Guangdong Province, flew to Shanghai Thursday morning and met her when she arrived at the hospital.

Doctors performed surgery on her at 21:10. They cleared the bits of the bamboo skewer inside the eyeball, relocated the tissues, and stitched up the six-centimeter wound in the 100-minute-long operation.

“Judging from the current situation, it is unlikely for her to recover her eyesight, and the possibility for atrophy of eyeball still runs high,” Wu’s leading doctor Yuan Yifei said after the surgery.

Fortunately, the girl’s brain only sustained minor damage despite the severe eye injury, her doctor added.
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