Chinese footballer signed by Brazilian team Botafogo


Chinese footballer, Tang Shi, has recently been offered a long-term contract with Brazilian football club Botafogo.

The 17-year-old Tang caught the eye of Botafogo talent scouts during the Rio de Janeiro club’s under-19 team Asian tour last year.

Tang Shi

“Tang is a player with excellent skills and energy. He is good in the midfield and sides. He will be able to improve the overall speed of our team and he can create a lot of pressure in the backfield of the opposing team. He is really fast with the ball,” said Mauricio Souza, coach of the club’s youth team.

Botafogo has a history of 110 years, but this is the first time the club has signed a player from Asia. It has trained many international stars including Garrincha and Bebeto, and holds the record of sending the most players to the Brazilian national team.

According to Tang, everyone at the club has been taking care of him and he has been training in accordance with a specially designed program.

“First of all, I am a foreigner to them and that makes them feel curious. And second, they recognized my skills on the field, which is another reason why they have been taking good care of me. The third, I think football helps us communicate. It’s the same everywhere around the world,” said Tang.

The future presents many opportunities for Tang, but he said he also faces challenges such as understanding Portuguese and trying to adapt to the new environment and training program.

Tang said he is willing to learn. He hoped to meet with his fellow teammates and start playing matches as soon as he can.

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