Chinese dissident has ties to 3 new US institutions


 Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng (chehn gwahng-chung) says he has new affiliations with three U.S. institutions after leaving New York University under disputed circumstances.

The blind dissident now will be supported by the Witherspoon Institute, a conservative think tank in Princeton, N.J., the Catholic University of America, and the Lantos Foundation, a human rights organization in Concord, N.H. He says that will allow him to continue speaking out against what he says is the “inhumane brutality” of the Chinese government.

Chen sparked a diplomatic crisis in 2012 when he fled to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing from house arrest. Since last May, he’d been a special student at New York University.

Chen has said that NYU forced him to leave because of pressure from the Chinese government. The school denies that.

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