Chinese and Singaporean researchers developed cloaking device


A team of Chinese and Singaporean researchers say they have developed a cloaking device that can make objects “vanish.”

In a research published two weeks ago on the top science journal Nature Communications, researchers from eastern China’s Zhejiang University and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore say they have succeeded in making a goldfish and a cat disappear with a hexagonal columnar device while the animals were in motion.

Using carefully angled blocks of glass to form a wall around an empty core, light is bent around an object 每 or living creature 每 placed in the center. The object then appears to be “invisible,” allowing the viewer to see only what’s behind the glass “cloak.”

“We surround something with the cloaking device, which makes the light bypass and bounce back to the object (we want to hide) before it reaches our eyes,” said Zheng Bin, a researcher at Zhejiang University who took part in the project.

But Zheng said the technology remains rudimentary as it can only make objects invisible in a narrow spectrum of light. The cloak is most effective when the light comes from a single angle, he added.

While the research remains at an early stage, the light-bending technology behind the glass “cloak” may have useful applications in security and defense, such as in developing military surveillance equipment, researchers added.
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