Chinese American Olympians face tough opponents




Competition format: Preliminary stage starts on Saturday, July 28. In the preliminary stage , all players play everyone else in their group. The winner moves on for the knockout stage, which will decide the winners of the medals.

Men’s doubles : Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach

Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach will play in group D against South Korea, Japan and Malaysia. They will play against a South Korean pair on Saturday, July 28 . The South Korean pair, Chung Jae Sung and Lee Yong Dae, is number two seed.

On Sunday, July 29 , the American veterans will play against the world’s number 8 Malaysian pair.

On Monday, July 30 , the world ‘s number 26 Americans will face off the world ‘s number 13 Japanese pair

Women’s singles: Rena Wang

Rena Wang will play Wang Xin in group P on Monday (30th) in women’s single group P in the preliminary stage. Wang Xin is number 2 seeded . This group only consist of 2 players.

Table Tennis:

Preliminary stage starts on Saturday, July 28 . Both the Singles and Team events are run in a knockout format. Players and teams progress through the draw until the finals, which decide the winners of the gold medals.

Women’s singles: Lily Zhang and Ariel Hsing

Men’s singles: Timothy Wang

Women’s team: Lily Zhang, Ariel Hsing, Erica Wu

On Saturday, July 28 , Lily Zhang will play against a Croatian player while team mate Ariel Hsing will play against a Mexican player in women’s singles event. Timothy Wang will face off with a North Korean player.

Women’s team event will start on Fri, August 3 . The young American women will face off with Japan.


Men’s individual foil: Alexander Massialas

Alexander Massialas will play against a Canadian in round of 32 on Tue, July 31.

Women’s team foil: Doris Willette

On Thursday, Aug 2 , Doris Willette will play in Team USA against South Korea.

Men’s team foil: Alexander Massialas, Gerek Meinhardt

Alexander Massialas and Gerek Meinhardt will be part of the US team foil to play against France on Sunday,August. 5

Wrestling: Clarissa Kyoko Mei Ling Chun

Clarissa Chun will be competing for a medal in the Women’s 48 kg freestyle on Wednesday, August 8.

Gymnastics: Anna Li

If she is allowed to compete, Anna Li will be part of the US women’s team trying for a medal on Tue July 31.

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