China’s Hubei cracks down on genetically modified rice seed


Central China’s Hubei Province is cracking down on illegal sales of genetically modified (GM) rice seed after a China Central Television (CCTV) program aired on Saturday which called the crop into question.

The CCTV program reported that illegal sales of GM rice seed in the province have raised public concern over food safety.

“We have organized three teams of people to investigate and follow up on this issue. The first team will be investigating the shops and farms that sell and grow illegal GM rice. The second team will be conducting a general investigation over enterprises that sell seed. The third one is the supervision team which will be led by the head of Discipline Inspection Commission,” said Dai Guizhou, the director-general of the Agriculture Department of Hubei Province.

The government is prepared to carry out severe punishment over illegal sales and cultivation of GM rice seed, Dai added.

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