CCSF addresses ESL Learning Needs

CCSF addresses ESL Learning Needs of Immigrant Families

Excerpt from City College San Francisco press release:

Critical to promoting families’ economic success is ensuring that they have the education and skills needed to obtain jobs that can provide living wages for themselves and their children.

As San Francisco is a city of immigrants, English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) education is critical for many families to advance economically – especially Asian and Latino families.

City College of San Francisco is the largest ESL education provider in the City, serving 25,000 students annually.  According to CCSF statistics, only 9% of all students in ESL Levels 1-4 (beginning) make it to Level 5 (intermediate) – which is the level that career and technical education programs begin.

In response to these statistics, the City-wide English as a Second Language (ESL) Workgroup and CCSF co-sponsored a series of listening sessions-the first of their kind-in May 2011 focusing on the English learning needs of immigrant parents with children under 18 years.

Based on the input from these community listening sessions, the ESL Workgroup developed a list of 15 innovative proposals to make ESL instruction at CCSF more accessible to immigrant parents.

CCSF agreed to work on these proposals, has already implemented several of them, and will report back to the community on both progress to date and future plans.

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