Chinese authors sue Apple for copyright infringement

A group of eight Chinese authors brought U.S. electronic company Apple Inc. to court on Thursday, alleging its online store sells unlicensed copies of their books…

Wuxi hopes to be the “Eastern Silicon Valley”

A delegation from Wuxi city, China is recruiting high tech professionals from the Silicon Valley. In order to become the “Eastern Silicon Valley”, the Wuxi government offers a lot of incentives to investors and professionals who decide to start businesses there. A bay area businessman who operates a startup company in Wuxi offers his analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of running a high tech company in China.

Apple responds to iphone 5 camera complaints

If you’re getting a purple flare on some of your iPhone 5 photos, you’re not alone…

Cheap gas around you – Gas Guru

Gas Guru根據用戶身處的位置,搜尋附近的油站,由近至遠,列出每間油站的油價…

One year after Steve Jobs

(中文) 一年前的今天,蘋果公司創始人喬布斯去世。人們在想,沒有喬布斯的蘋果還會和從前一樣麼…One year ago today, the world paused as Apple founder and C-E-O Steve Jobs passed away. ..

Smuggled iPhone 5 price drops in China’s inland

Demand for smuggled iPhones remains strong in China’s inland as Apple Inc. has delayed the release of its new iPhone 5…

Google settles book-scanning dispute

Google and U.S. publishers have settled a longstanding dispute over Google’s book-scanning project. A lawsuit filed by authors remains, though, leaving the project in question.

Facebook tops 1 billion users

Facebook has now topped 1 billion users, but the past few months have not been easy…

Year Up program helps low-income young adults

(中文) 根據統計,美國有70%的低收入戶少數族裔年輕人,高中畢業後沒有繼續升學,一個非營利機構,為這些弱勢學生,提供了一個免費的學習科技技能的管道….

Chinese consumers can pay bills by fingerprints

Chinese consumers can go shopping without wallet recently, as they can pay the bills by their fingerprints…