App engineers become competitive in Silicon Valley

(中文) 在矽谷的就業市場,應用軟件工程師的職位,始終都保持在招聘職務的前三名,今天的科技風雲,要帶您了解這個工作,以及年輕人要如何入行….

HP says acquired company lied about finances

Hewlett-Packard says a British company it bought for $10 billion last year lied about its finances…

Facebook moves to https for added security

Connecting to Facebook is about to get a bit slower for the site’s millions of users, but there’s a good reason…

Browser Flash on handheld device – “Puffin”

Browser Flash on handheld device – “Puffin”

Facebook stock is up with biggest lock-up expiration day

Facebook’s stock is up more than 7 percent despite expectations that it would fall because more than 850 million additional shares…

Microsoft releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7

IE 10 nb

The latest version of Microsoft’s Web browser is now available to the vast audience using personal computers running on the Windows 7 operating system…

Qi Lu shares his survive skills in Silicon Valley

Qi Lu, President of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, shared his experience on how to survive in Silicon Valley

Facebook share could hit market Wednesday

Hundreds of millions of Facebook shares could hit the market Wednesday, when early employees and investors get a chance to sell about 800 million shares…

Apple and HTC settle

(中文) 相較於蘋果三星對簿公堂,蘋果跟宏達電為什麼會和解…..

Internet Essentials Program to close digital divide

Internet Essentials Program to close digital divide…