Five-year-old hacks Xbox gaming system

boy hacker nb

Microsoft has bestowed the title of “security researcher” on a five-year-old boy in California after he…

Samsung adding anti-theft solutions to smartphones

samsung-galaxy-s5 nb

Samsung Electronics is adding two safeguards to its latest smartphone in an effort to deter rampant theft of the mobile devices…

Mozilla CEO resigns after furor over gay rights

Mozilla - Brendan Eich

Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich is stepping down as CEO following protests over his support …

Amazon unveils Fire TV set top streaming device

Fire TV nb

Amazon is making a bid to enter Americans’ living rooms with Amazon Fire TV, a new set-top box that allows streaming of online video…

Microsoft reveals Siri-like Windows Phone feature

Cortana nb

Microsoft unveiled a new virtual assistant for Windows Phone devices Wednesday as it seeks …

BlackBerry ending US licensing deal with T-Mobile


BlackBerry is ending its U.S. licensing deal with T-Mobile, saying the companies no longer have complementary strategies….

Samsung: Patents developed by Google engineers

Apple Samsung nb

Samsung attorneys say patents that Apple claims in a lawsuit were infringed are part of the Android software package…

Airbnb to pay San Francisco hotel tax

airbnb nb

Online home rental service Airbnb has agreed pay San Francisco’s 14 percent hotel tax…

Microsoft unveils Office for iPad

office ipad nb

Microsoft on Thursday unveiled Office for the iPad, a software suite that includes programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint…

Facebook buys virtual reality company Oculus for $2B

OculusRift1 nb

Facebook has agreed to buy Oculus for $2 billion, betting that its virtual reality may be a new way for …