Google releases 1st phone powered by ‘Kit Kat’

Nexus 5

Google is releasing a smartphone that it hopes will become more like a clairvoyant friend than a piece of hardware.

Can Facebook predict when you’ll get dumped?

You’re about to get dumped, and you have no idea– but Facebook does!

Mini space shuttle skids off runway in test flight

NASA Dream Chaser nb

A new, smaller version of NASA’s space shuttle is recuperating from a rough first landing…

Apple unveils new Macs, iPad ahead of holidays

Apple Event nb

[zh] 蘋果在產品發布會上宣布,推出全新運作系統Mavericks,免費下載… Apple unveiled new Macs ahead of the holiday shopping season and said its latest computer operating system, Mavericks, is available free of charge…

Easy way to send money with no fee – “Square Cash”

Easy way to send money with no fee – “Square Cash”…

Apple recalls certain Macbook Air flash storage drive

macbook air nb

Apple recalls certain Macbook Air flash storage drive…

Dangerous asteroid headed toward Earth

asteroid nb

One of the most dangerous asteroids on record zipped close by earth, relatively speaking, last month…

Google stock crosses $1,000 mark after earnings

google nb

Strong third-quarter results have sent Google shares past the $1,000 mark for the first time…

Microsoft releases Windows 8.1

It addresses some of the gripes people have had with Windows 8, the dramatically different operating system that attempts to bridge the divide between tablets and PCs…

Apple new building

Apple new building