Entrepreneurship competitions

Entrepreneurship competitions…

Sony introduces ultra-high-definition video player

Ultra HD is widely regarded as the next evolution in TV technology, but there’s currently a lack of content that takes advantage of the vast resolution…

The quests for technology startups : China versus Silicon Valley


App engineers become competitive in Silicon Valley

(中文) 在矽谷的就業市場,應用軟件工程師的職位,始終都保持在招聘職務的前三名,今天的科技風雲,要帶您了解這個工作,以及年輕人要如何入行….

Qi Lu shares his survive skills in Silicon Valley

Qi Lu, President of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, shared his experience on how to survive in Silicon Valley

Founder/CEO of Baidu – secrets of his success


Using philanthropy to create social innovation

(中文) 月初在舊金山舉辦的”贈與亞洲”Give2Asia十周年會,許多高科技創業家,都談到貧困地區孩童教育問題,來看今天的科技風雲….

Wuxi hopes to be the “Eastern Silicon Valley”

A delegation from Wuxi city, China is recruiting high tech professionals from the Silicon Valley. In order to become the “Eastern Silicon Valley”, the Wuxi government offers a lot of incentives to investors and professionals who decide to start businesses there. A bay area businessman who operates a startup company in Wuxi offers his analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of running a high tech company in China.

Year Up program helps low-income young adults

(中文) 根據統計,美國有70%的低收入戶少數族裔年輕人,高中畢業後沒有繼續升學,一個非營利機構,為這些弱勢學生,提供了一個免費的學習科技技能的管道….

CEO Bruce Cheng is a green entrepreneur

(中文) 全球交換式電源供應器領導廠商,台達電子集團,其創辦人鄭崇華在今年六月正式交棒宣布退休,不過鄭崇華仍繼續投身環保領域…