iPhone apps may cause risks to device

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iPhone apps may cause risks to device…

Cybersecurity firm discovers new Apple-targeting malware

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Palo Alto Networks has discovered a new form of malware that may have affected hundreds of thousands…

Tim Cook: ‘I’m proud to be gay’

Tim Cook nb

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he’s proud to be gay….

Apple Pay had 1 million activations in first 3 days

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Apple’s CEO is declaring the company’s new mobile payment system a success….

BofA to refund Apple Pay customers charged twice


Bank of America is apologizing for double-billing customers who made purchases using Apple’s new mobile payments service…

Apple iCloud security warning

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It’s looking a little overcast for Apple’s iCloud service. The company has posted a security warning…

Apple unveils a thinner iPad

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Apple unveiled a thinner iPad Thursday with a faster processor and a better camera as it tries to drive excitement …

Some iPhone 6 users complaining about “hairgate”

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First, it was “bendgate” — the allegation that some new iPhones bend when tucked in a pocket…

Apple planning new iPad event on Oct 16

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If the iPhone six plus isn’t big enough for apple junkies craving new gear, they only have to hold on just a little bit longer…

Apple iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate”

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Some customers complained that the larger iPhone 6 Plus could be vulnerable to bending…