Switzerland: Apple watch – threat or opportunity?


How Apple Watch has impacted the luxury watches and jewellery industry…

How to break the glass ceiling

Xu Lin nb

Xu Ling, the VP and CTO of BMC, shared her story of breaking the glass ceiling in Silicon Valley…

Amazon gets FAA certificate to experiment with drones

Amazon drone

The Federal Aviation Administration says it has issued online retailer Amazon a certificate to experiment with unmanned …

Silicon Valley gender equality dispute

矽谷不同郵區 家庭年均生活費也大不相同 (KTSF)

(中文) 在鮑康如官司開打之前,去年就有一連串關於矽谷男女比例及薪資不平等的研究報告,矽谷是否存在性別歧視,來看以下的報導……

California woman sues Facebook for discrimination


A Taiwanese woman has sued Facebook on the grounds that she was discriminated against because of her race and gender…

Google exec says immigration changes would help economy

US-H-1B nb

The executive chairman at Google urged Congress on Wednesday to increase the number of high-skilled work visas…

Yahoo closing last China operation in Beijing

yahoo nb

Yahoo Inc. is closing its Beijing research and development center and leaving China in a new cost-cutting move…

Fierce competition in venture capital

矽谷不同郵區 家庭年均生活費也大不相同 (KTSF)

The glass ceiling myth in the Silicon Valley.

Zynga career day for SF students


100 SF high school students who have been taking video gaming design classes enjoy a day at Zynga…

UC Berkeley unveils 3D cement structure


UC Berkeley research team unveils the first and largest powder-based 3-D-printed cement structure built to date…