Xiaomi releases new phone


China’s phone company Xiaomi has released a new phone call Mi 4 that looks a lot like the Apple iPhone…

Alibaba plans IPO after Labor Day


The highly anticipated IPO by Alibaba will push back until after the Labor Day holiday…

Microsoft to cut up to 18,000 jobs over next year


Microsoft announced the biggest layoffs in its history Thursday, saying it will cut up to 18,000 jobs…

Home Depot now selling 3D printers

home depot 3d printer nb

Home Depot is taking its first major step into the 3D printer market….

Got a rash? iPad, other devices might be the cause


Unexplained rash? Check your iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel…

Google picks 5 charities to create ideas for Glass

Google has chosen five charities to develop ideas using Web-connected Google Glass to enhance their work…

Future development in wearable applications

圖片來源: ATMEL

CASPA will feature the technology of wearable applications in their annual symposium next Saturday, July 12…

Walmart slashing iPhone prices


With a two-year contract, a 16-gigabyte iPhone 5S will cost $99, down from $149…

Alibaba will list its shares on the NYSE


Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba will list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange…

SF company defends Hong Kong website from cyberassult


A San Francisco tech firm helped defend a controversial online referendum on democratic reforms in Hong Kong from cyber-attacks…