Taiwan tainted cooking oil passes safety tests


The tainted oil involved in the latest food scandal in Taiwan has passed food safety tests…

More bakeries may have used gutted oil in Taiwan


More bakeries in Taiwan may have used gutted oil to baked their pastries…

Taiwan found cooking oil made from sewage


Authorities in Taiwan busted an unlicensed factory which was accused of making cooking oil from sewage…

Dutch artist reveals giant white rabbit in Taiwan


Following the success of the yellow rubber duck, its creator has revealed another creation in Taiwan…

A new policy to make it easier for Taiwan passport holders

Taiwan passport nb

A new policy to make it easier for Taiwan passport holders who do not have household registration…

Taiwanese actor apologises to public after drugs arrest


Kai Ko apologised for smoking marijuana at an afternoon news conference in which he appeared with his parents and agent…

Inflatable trojan horse appears at council meeting

Taiwan horse nb

Various of the giant inflatable “Trojan Horse” in Taipei’s City Council…

Gas blast in Taiwan kills boy, injures 14 others


A gas explosion in a residential high-rise building in northern Taiwan killed a 1-year-old boy…

Taiwan subway stabbing suspect pleads guilty


Cheng Chieh, the suspect in the subway stabbing case in Taiwan, has pleaded guilty to murder charges…

Taiwan explosions probe focuses on petrochem firm

Taiwan Gas Explosions nb

Authorities in Taiwan’s second-biggest city zeroed in on a petrochemical firm Saturday in their investigation..