Taiwan News

Firefighters killed as burning building collapses


Six Taiwanese firefighters died on Tuesday while fighting a blaze in the northern city of Taoyuan…

Flag-raising by Taiwan in Washington riles China


A New Year’s flag-raising ceremony at the residence of Taiwan’s representative to Washington has angered China…

Imprisoned Taiwanese ex-President given medical parole


Taiwan’s former President Chen Shui-bian was granted a one-month medical parole Monday…

Taiwan reviews same-sex marriage bill


To legalize same-sex marriage became a hot topic of debate at a committee in Taiwan’s Legislature…

Is dried tofu with dimethyl yellow sold in Bay Area

灣區有超市販賣的豆干雖然來自問題廠商, 但並非是台灣衛生局點名的幾款黑心豆干 (KTSF)

Some of Chinese supermarkets in San Francisco Bay Area sell the Taiwan brand dried tofu but no dried tofu with dimethyl yellow found on their shelves…

Taiwan officials find banned industrial dye in dried tofu


Taiwan authorities ordered a recall of dried bean curd after dimethyl yellow that is linked to cancer was found in them.

Mao Chi-kuo sworn in as Taiwan’s new premier


Taiwan swore in its new Premier Mao Chi-kuo on Monday at an official ceremony in Taiwan’s presidential palace…

Taiwan leader quits as party chair after poll loss


Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou resigned Wednesday as chairman of the Beijing-friendly ruling Nationalists…

Taiwan’s premier resigns after setback in election


Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou has apologised to his party for the strong defeats in Saturday’s election…

Taiwan’s ruling party dealt setback in local polls


Taiwan’s ruling Nationalist Party suffered stiff defeats in municipal elections on Saturday…