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Students end 24-day siege of Taiwan’s Parliament


Students ended their unprecedented, 24-day occupation of Taiwan’s Parliament late Thursday…

Taiwan students to end parliament occupation


The student protesters in Taiwan have agreed to end the occupation at the parliament on Thursday…

Taiwan President reacts to anti-trade pact protest


Taiwan President Ma Yingjeou said he wants to resolve the trade pact dispute through dialogue in response to the recent mass protests…

Police move in on Taiwan protest over China pact


Baton-wielding riot police on Monday cleared Taiwan’s Cabinet offices of scores of angry protesters opposed to a trade pact with China…

Protesters invade Taiwan Cabinet offices

taiwan protest nb

Protesters invade Taiwan Cabinet offices

Hundreds of students occupy Taiwan’s Legislature to protest China pact

taiwan protest nb

Hundreds of students remained barricaded in Taiwan’s Legislature early Wednesday in protest of the ruling party’s push …

Taiwan soldier’s death sentencing


The family of a Taiwanese soldier who died from heat stroke after intense exercise drills last year, are upset about the short jail term…

Xi Jinping meets honorary chairman of Taiwan’s ruling party


China’s leader Xi Jinping met with Kuomintang’s Honorary Chairman Lien Chan on Tuesday…

Aged 6 months, Taiwan panda unveiled to public

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A 6-month-old giant panda was unveiled to her adoring public in Taiwan on Monday, with long lines of children…

Giant rubber duck bursts in Taiwan

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The world-famous Giant Duck on display in a northern Taiwan port exploded Tuesday, just before a large number of people…