Hockey’s Chu to carry US flag at closing ceremony

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Four-time Olympian Julie Chu will carry the U.S. flag at the closing ceremony of the Sochi Games…

Canada beats US 3-2 in OT for Olympic gold

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The American women’s hockey team was 3:26 seconds away from its first Olympic gold medal since 1998. Then everything went wrong…

Russian Sotnikova flies to gold

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a gold medal winner…

Plushenko retires after injury at Sochi Olympics

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From wild cheers to stunned silence, the Sochi Olympics said goodbye Thursday to one of figure skating’s all-time greats….

China’s Li wins crash-filled 500 Olympic final


In the slippery world of short track, China kept its grip solidly on the Olympic gold medal….

Canada beats US 3-2 in Olympic women’s hockey

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[zh] 索契奧運女子冰棍球兩大勁旅美國和加拿大小組賽中碰頭,結果美國被加拿大以3比2擊敗… Video, and presumably audio, review confirmed the puck went into the net before the whistle…

Sochi is Julie Chu’s 4th Olympics

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Sochi is Julie Chu’s 4th Olympics…

China to bid for 2022 winter Olympics

The Chinese Olympic Committee held a press conference in Sochi, Russia, on Saturday to reveal the latest progress …

Google makes statement about Russian anti-gay law

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As the Winter Games get underway in Sochi, Google Inc. is quietly but vibrantly adding its voice…

Olympic Loo-Loo: Another twin toilet seen in Sochi

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Side-by-side toilets in a men’s bathroom caused a social media sensation last month when they were discovered …

Sochi opening ceremony bump

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The opening ceremony for the Sochi Games hit a bump when only four of the five Olympic Rings materialized in a wintry opening scene….s

Official: Passenger tried to divert plane to Sochi

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A Turkish official says a passenger claiming there was a bomb on board tried to divert an Istanbul-bound plane to Sochi, Russia…

TSA bans carry-on liquids on Russia flights


The Homeland Security Department is banning all liquids from carry-on luggage for nonstop flights from the U.S. to Russia…

Airlines’ concern over possible toothpaste bombs before Olympics

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The United States is advising airlines with direct flights to Russia to be aware of the possibility that explosive materials …