Photo gallery: Apple reveals iPad Mini

Apple Inc. on Tuesday revealed a smaller version of its hit iPad tablet computer that will start at $329 and comes with a screen that is about two-thirds the size of the full-size model…

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Photo Gallery: Google’s secret data centers

Google is opening a virtual window into the secretive data centers that serve as its nerve center. The closely guarded facilities house an intricate maze of computers…

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Photo Gallery: Endeavour embarks on 12-mile trip to LA museum

In a massive feat of parallel parking, the space shuttle Endeavour has been backed into a Los Angeles parking lot for a pause on its final journey to a museum…

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Photo gallery: Hong Kong ferry collision

Investigators on Tuesday boarded a half-submerged boat that collided with a ferry a night earlier, killing 38 people who had been on their way to a holiday fireworks show….

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Photo gallery: NY wants world’s largest Ferris wheel

New York City wants to build the world’s biggest Ferris wheel on Staten Island in an ambitious attempt to draw tourists…

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Photo gallery: Endeavour flies over Golden Gate Bridge

Endeavour’s trek around California continues with a pass over the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay area…

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Photo gallery: A panorama of iPhone 5

(AP) Apple Inc. on Wednesday unveiled the iPhone 5, saying it’s thinner and lighter than the previous model, even though it has a bigger screen. The new phone hits stores in the U.S. and several [...]

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Photo gallery: Highlights of NY Fashion Week: Jason Wu

台裔時裝設計師吳季剛(Jason Wu)在紐約展出最新春夏時裝,新系列結合粗獷的皮革和輕柔的薄紗,並襯上蕾絲、胸圍上衣等,為經典的淑女造型帶來不平凡…

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Photo gallery: Highlights of DNC, RNC conventions


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Photo gallery: Lighthouse raises tensions with China & Japan

圖集: 釣魚島爭議2012主要事件

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