Killer Jodi Arias gets life term with no chance for release

Jodi Arias nb

A judge sentenced convicted murderer Jodi Arias to life in prison without the possibility of release on Monday…

Sen. Marco Rubio tells donors he is running for White House


Marco Rubio, 43, told top donors he is running for the Republican nomination in the 2016 race for the White House…

Oregon girl gets new face with 3D printer tech

girl new face nb

A birth defect left two-year-old Violet Pietrock with severe facial abnormalities, but thanks to doctors…

Bakersfield man held after little boy slapped on video


A surveillance video from a Bakersfield convenience store showed a toddler being knocked down with a slap to the face…

Ohio 3-year-old boy shoots and kills baby


A 3-year-old boy picked up an unattended gun inside an Ohio home and it went off, killing a 1-year-old boy…

One dead in shooting at North Carolina college


The man wanted in the shooting death of the print shop director at a community college in North Carolina was arrested…

Hilary Clinton launches 2016 presidential campaign


Hillary Clinton jumped back into presidential politics on Sunday, making a much-awaited announcement…

$6.8M back wages recovered for nursing home workers


Dept of Labor recovers $6.8 million in back wages, damages for more than 1,300 Bay Area nursing home workers…

Photo of “under dressed” man with Obama goes viral

lance Futch nb

The mystery man in a white polo shirt at a roundtable discussion with President Obama is explained…

Dad wants son charged for bomb hoax

father charge son nb

A Valley father wants his teenage son charged with a crime….