Bystander helps woman who fell on Chicago tracks

hero bystander nb

A man jumped in front of a train in Chicago to help a woman who fell onto subway tracks…

“Deltopia” street party turns violent near UCSB

street riot nb

In Southern California — an unauthorized street party ended in chaos….

Tax filing deadline is coming

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April 15, 2014 is the IRS tax filing deadline.

Broken ATM at Maine bank spits out $37,000

ATM nb

Police in Maine are investigating after a malfunctioning ATM at a bank spit out $37,000 in cash to man who requested $140…

US woman gets 20 years in breast feeding overdose

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A judge sentenced a woman to 20 years in prison Friday for killing her 6-week-old daughter with what prosecutors…

Ft. Hood Chinese soldier speaks about deadly shooting


A young Chinese female soldier of Fort Hood in Texas, Susan Deng who is from the Bay Area, speaks about the deadly shooting and her observations…

Court says lawsuit over frozen woman can proceed

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An appeals court says a family can proceed with a lawsuit that claims a woman was frozen alive in a Los Angeles…

Red light runner hit by train (Video)


A driver in Houston is lucky to be alive after a violent collision with a train…

David Letterman to retire from ‘Late Show’ in 2015

David Letterman nb

Late-night TV host David Letterman is retiring next year as host of “Late Show.”…

Gunman kills 3, wounds 16 at Fort Hood Army base


A soldier opened fire at the Fort Hood military base, killing three people and wounding 16 before committing suicide…