McDonald’s to trim menu and examine ingredients


McDonald’s is planning to trim its menu, review its cooking methods and maybe even get rid of some of the ingredients…

CIA battles Senate Democrats over torture report


The CIA is stepping up a campaign to discredit a Senate investigation into the CIA’s interrogation method…

Texas man charged in murdering 4-year-old son


A Texas father is facing charges after his four-year-old son was found dead in his home Tuesday…

Sexual predator wins $3 million from Florida Lottery


A sexual predator has won almost $3 million from a Florida Lottery scratch-off ticket…

Senate probe reveals brutality against detainees


The Senate’s report said CIA.’s interrogation techniques were more brutal and the number of detainees higher than the agency…

BMW crashes into roof of home


A BMW SUV crashed through the roof of a home in Escondido, California…

Gas prices drop sharply in Bay Area and nationwide


Average gas prices fell 24 cents in California last month and further in the Bay Area, continuing a downward trend seen across the country…

Socal man deliberately hit truck in triple fatal


Authorities say a man deliberately crashed his car into a big-rig, killing himself and his two children…

Ebola fighters named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year


Doctors, nurses and others fighting Ebola have been named Time’s 2014 Person of the Year, the magazine announced Wednesday.

Gas expected to average $2.60 next year


The Energy Department again slashed its prediction for next year’s average price of gas to $2.60 a gallon…