Laguardia makes top 10 worst airport list

worst airport nb

If you have to spend the night at a New York airport, Laguardia is one to avoid…

Fresno man carried out of his burning home

man saved from fire nb

A man ran into a burning home in Fresno and came out carrying a man who lives inside over his shoulder…

Ebola fear, monitoring eases for some in US


About 120 people are now being monitored for possible infection with Ebola…

Woman saved from California chimney, then arrested

woman in chimney nb

A woman stuck in the chimney of a Southern California house has been rescued and arrested…

Bodies of 7 women found in Indiana

dead body nb

The bodies of seven women have now been found in Indiana after a man confessed to killing one woman…

Obama’s under-used credit card is declined


The Secret Service is charged with protecting the president, but who’s watching his wallet?…

Biden’s son tests positive for cocaine use

Hunter Biden nb

Connecticut legal authorities say the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden does not face automatic…

New Jersey hazing arrests put focus on anti-bullying policies

student bullying nb

As a New Jersey town reels from the arrests of seven high school football players on charges they sexually assaulted younger teammates..

Baby left six hours in Oregon car later dies


A 6-month-old baby girl left in a car in an Oregon suburb for approximately six hours Thursday has died…

Woman sent to jail over overgrown yard

woman messy yard nb

A Tennessee woman who fell behind on her yard work was cited by code enforcers and has served a stint in jail over her overgrown yard….