Man killed by dog he had adopted hours earlier

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Authorities say a Tennessee man was killed by a Rottweiler that he had adopted just hours earlier…

Vigil for California student killed in Paris


Hundreds of people packed a ballroom Sunday to remember a 23-year-old California college student…

Transplant gives new face, scalp to burned firefighter


A volunteer firefighter badly burned in a 2001 blaze has received the most extensive face transplant ever…

Republican lawmakers may try to block Syrian refugee plan

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Republican lawmakers said they will try to block President Barack Obama’s plans to increase the flow of Syrian refugees into the U.S…

ISIS propaganda video warns U.S. of similar terror attacks


A video released by ISIS shows a fighter praising the France/Paris attack and threatening attacks against the U.S….

TSA eliminated ” Managed inclusion”


TSA alters its precheck program. how it will affect the flows at airport’s security…

House leader stuns Congress, announces resignation


The leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner, stunned Republicans on Friday…

FDA revised Alert to imported food from Japan


FDA revised the Import Alert to the food products from Japan…

Woman gets life after her teen hit man killed wrong target

Karlita Desean Phillips nb

A South Carolina woman has been sentenced to life in prison after she hired a teen to kill a man and he killed the wrong man by mistake…

IATA recommends shrinking carry-on bag size

IATA建議手提行李的新尺寸 21.5 X 13.5 X 7.5 英吋

The International Air Transport Association announces the new standard for carry-on bag to be stowed in overhead bins…