World’s ugliest dog crowned


The newly crowned “World’s Ugliest Dog” was dogged by fans snapping photos…

Mexico was original plan for NY prison escapees


The two inmates who escaped from a prison more than three weeks ago had initially planned to go Mexico…

Mom pleads guilty to killing 2 kids found in freezer


A Detroit woman pleaded guilty Monday to killing two of her children and storing their bodies in a home freezer…

Plane crashes into US home, killing 3 aboard


A small plane crashed into a house Sunday evening, killing three people on board, police said…

Police shoot, catch 2nd escaped killer


An escaped murderer who was shot and caught near the Canadian border was in critical but stable condition…

1 of 2 escaped prisoners shot and killed

Richard Matt nb

One of two convicted killers who staged a brazen escape from an upstate New York maximum-security prison …

Disney: Selfie sticks will be banned starting next week

selfie stick nb

Don’t bring your selfie stick to Disney World….

Gay marriage ruling decried by opposition groups


Chief Justice John Roberts said in his dissent that decisions on same-sex marriage should be left up to individual states…

Gay marriage ruling has swift impact in states


The Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriage is having a swift impact in states that banned same-sex marriage…

Celebrities react to Supreme Court gay marriage ruling

Vin Testa

Some celebrity reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere…