Amazon worker piloted drone around Space Needle

Amazon drone nb

Police say an employee from out of town was the operator of a drone that buzzed the Seattle Space Needle this week…

Baby dies after being left in hot car in Kansas

hot car death

Police have arrested the foster parent of a 10-month-old girl who died after being left inside a hot car…

Database details California school employee pay


California teachers earned an average of about $85,000 per year in salary and benefits last year…

GM to spend $400M to $600M victim compensation

GM nb

General Motors expects to pay between 400-to-600 million dollars to compensate victims of a faulty…

Long Beach man, 80, fatally shoots burglar


An 80-year-old Long Beach man says he shot and killed a woman he caught burglarizing his home…

California removes lane splitting guidelines


The California Highway Patrol has taken down safety guidelines for a criticized but legal driving maneuver in which…

American Red Cross warns of looming blood shortage

blood shortage nb

The American Red Cross is asking for blood donations to help overcome a looming blood shortage….

Arizona execution lasts over 100 minutes


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is ordering a full review of the state’s execution process after it took a convicted killer…

TV show prompts jail uniform change

jail uniform nb

A Michigan sheriff said orange is no longer the new black in his jail….

Google employee accused of raping woman


Justin Chan, a Canadian Chinese who works for Google in New York, was accused of raping a woman. He pleaded not guilty…