Oregon man faces charges after blowing up family dog

An Oregon man is facing several charges after blowing up the family dog, but not animal cruelty…

DC zoo: Panda behavior hints at possible pregnancy

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo says its female giant panda is showing behavioral changes…

Video of Oregon officer slapping boy who bit him

Emotions ran high as a police officer enforced a court order in a child custody dispute in Oregon…

Toddler dies after serving as best man for parents

A Pennsylvania boy got the role of a lifetime, he chance to be his parent’s best man in their wedding on saturday….

CA man accused of cutting off his hands with saw after stabbing father

A Northern California man is accused of stabbing his father with a scissor before using a power saw to cut his own hands off…

CA man suspected of killing woman, taking kids

San Diego County sheriff’s officials say the bodies of a woman and child were found inside a burned house…

California Senate Bills 491 and 492 raise concerns

California Senate Bills 491 and 492 raise concerns

Asian Americans have lowest unemployment rate

Asian Americans have the lowest unemployment rate among any major ethnic group. Why is that the case…

Ga. man’s wallet found, returned after 24 years

A Georgia man who lost his wallet while waterskiing in North Carolina now has it back 〞 24 years later….

Amazon founder Bezos to buy Washington Post

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos is buying The Washington Post and other newspapers for $250 million….