Couple in their 90s get married at doughnut shop

They say love is blind, but according to a pair of elderly newlyweds in Washington state, love also doesn’t keep time…

Panda Express celebrates 30 years

Panda Express is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. Founder Andrew Cherng talks about the brand’s history….

Apple tops Coca-Cola as most valuable brand

Apple is moving up the world…

Mistakes to avoid looking for that second relationship

《Enough Said》是今年最寫實的喜劇片。詼諧的對白取自中年人士生活所碰到的種種阻礙,提醒大家可以在生活中找到有趣之處…

Man pleads not guilty in crossbow slaying case

A Clear Lake man has pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder in connection with a crossbow attack that left one dead and another injured.

10-year-old girl buys bullet proof vest for police dog

A heartwarming story of a 10-year old girl helping her community…

Gays in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES (AP) A new study suggests the proliferation of gay and transgender characters in films and television shows has not prevented gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender actors from experiencing discrimination in Hollywood. The Screen [...]

Stricken United plane captain dies in Boise

Idaho officials have identified the United Airlines captain who died after suffering a mid-flight heart attack …

Comic book artist draws sketch to locate lost bag

A comic book artist who forgot more than 100 of his sketches in a New York City taxi is using his talent to try to find them….

FAA to weigh easing limits on electronic devices

The Federal Aviation Administration will consider a recommendation next week that it ease restrictions on airline passengers’ use of smartphones, tablets and other personal electronic devices during takeoffs and landings…