Police investigate toddler found dead on bus

Police in California city, california are looking into the death of a toddler…

Children mistake colorful detergent capsule as candy

(中文) 洗衣液生產商推出膠囊裝的洗衣液包,不過由於這些膠囊色彩斑斕,有不少兒童就誤會是糖果,吞食後中毒甚至有人因此死亡…

Costco apologizes for labeling bible as “fiction”

(中文) Costco把聖經當作小說出售,引起牧師和教友不滿。Costco解釋是因為書商貼的標籤不當,並撤下原有標籤….

Search and rescue continues after jet crash off Florida

(中文) 一架由墨西哥載病人前往佛羅里達州救治的飛機,回航途中墮海,兩名機師喪生。當局仍在搜索失蹤的醫生及護士….

“Knockout” game targets strangers in several cities

The knockout game has police in several states on their heels…

UC hospital workers stage 1-day strike

UC hospital employees picketed Wednesday at medical centers across the state in response to what union leaders called intimidation and harassment from management….

Woman frustrated by errors of Obamacare website

(中文) 奧巴馬總統曾以一位感謝該計劃婦女的案例,來說服更多民眾加入。但這名婦女公開表示,網絡中對她健保計算差錯,讓她根本無法負擔健保的開銷….

Taiwan Cooking Oil Info site

(中文) 台灣最近一連串發生食用油混充及違法添加銅葉綠素事件,也引發海外華人的關切。台政府特別設立專頁,提供消費者食用油的相關資訊….

Mother and son charged with animal cruelty

A picture may be worth a thousand words……but in Albuequerque, New Mexico…

‘Selfie’ is declared word of the year

Smartphone self-portraits are now so prevalent that Britain’s Oxford University Press has crowned “selfie,” the name the public has given them…