Doctors urging wider use of statins for cholesterol

Doctors are calling for a lot more Americans to consider taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol…

Guilty plea in Miss Teen USA extortion case

A 19-year-old computer science student pleaded guilty Tuesday to hacking the computers of Miss Teen USA and other women and secretly photographing them with their own webcams.

Two Americans dead from typhoon in Philippines

The State Department says two Americans have died in the typhoon tragedy in the Philippines…

System error leads to Xbox early shipping

A store’s shipping mistake has put one of this year’s most anticipated holiday gifts in lucky hands….

Dog bringing home human leg leads to dismembered body

Authorities in Washington state are searching for more remains after a dog came home with a human leg….

Chinese tops US foreign student numbers


Meth use on the rise in San Diego County

A survey of people held in San Diego County’s jails finds methamphetamine use is spiking as cheap, pure product arrives from Mexico.

Amazon, US Postal Service will deliver on Sundays

Amazon says it is teaming up with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver packages on Sundays…

Boy suspended for keeping Vera Bradley purse

A 13-year-old Kansas eighth-grader says he was suspended from school on Wednesday because he refused to take off his Vera Bradley purse

Worker killed by wildcat at Oregon sanctuary

The employee killed this weekend by a wildcat at an Oregon animal sanctuary was described as…