Medi-Cal expansion to include 1 million Californians

目前加州Medi-Cal 計劃,保障收入在貧窮線下的人士,包括一家四口收入在24,000元以下…

Man killed by remote control helicopter in NY park

A remote control helicopter being flown in a New York City park has struck a teenager in the head and killed him….

Texas police parks in handicapped spot

a texas woman says a trip to a restaurant with her disabled son became much harder after a police officer took a handicapped parking space.

College introducing online ‘Dead’ course

A California university and AMC think you can learn something from “The Walking Dead.”

CA man captures lightning strike on cellphone

A lightning strike literally knocks a man off his feet in Julian, California.

P&G to roll out cheaper version of Tide

Procter & Gamble will introduce a lower-priced version of Tide in 2014, a liquid detergent called “Tide Simply Clean and Fresh,” as it seeks to attract shoppers on a budget.

Safeway to pay $600K fine for clean air violations

Safeway will pay a fine of $600,000 and has agreed to a nationwide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from refrigeration equipment at its 659 U.S. stores.

USFS: Hunter caused huge wildfire near Yosemite

Forest Service says a gigantic wildfire near Yosemite National Park began when a hunter allowed an illegal fire to escape.

Montana teacher rape sentence appealed

Mont. State prosecutors are appealing as “illegal” a 30-day sentence handed down by a Montana judge in the case of a 14-year-old raped by her teacher…

Woman caught on camera stealing police car

A call to police about a suspicious person took a wild turn when a suspect took off in a police cruiser…