Colorado 6-year-old suspended for kissing a girl

A 6-year-old boy has been suspended from a Colorado school for kissing a girl on the cheek…

GM names first women CEO to head car company

For the first time, a woman will be the head of a major U.S. car company.

Missing family of 6 in Nevada found alive

2 adults, 4 children missing in frigid weather since Sunday found alive in northern Nevada….

Passenger wakes to find himself locked in US plane

A passenger who fell asleep while flying to Los Angeles says he awoke to discover himself alone and locked…

Alleged gang member shot, killed after getting into fistfight

An alleged Sureno gang member died after being shot during a fight outside a home in Salinas early Saturday morning…

CA man gets 5 years in ‘sextortion’ case

A 27-year-old Southern California man who admitted hacking into hundreds of social media and email…

NASA: Ancient Martian lake may have supported life

NASA says the Curiosity rover has uncovered signs of an ancient freshwater lake on Mars that may have supported tiny organisms for tens of millions of years.

Eighteen LA sheriff’s deputies arrested in jail probe

At least seven current and former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have been arrested by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation …

China withholds visas for NYT, Bloomberg reporters

Chinese authorities have been withholding residence visas for reporters working for The New York Times and Bloomberg…

American women are having fewer kids

New numbers from the CDC reveal that fewer women in the US are having kids….