Father of NSA leaker says he believes his son will return to US

The father of NSA leaker Edward Snowden acknowledged Friday that his son broke the law but doesn’t think he committed treason….

CA couple gets $11,000 water bill

It was like a bucket of cold water to the face when an elderly couple in california opened their water bill….

Senate passes immigration reform bill

The U.S. Senate passed legislation Thursday that offers the hope of citizenship to millions of immigrants living illegally…

Gov. Brown signs budget that reshapes K-12 spending

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state spending plan for the coming fiscal year Thursday that makes budget-busting deficits…

Did US mistake in middle name help Snowden?

Still, when the U.S. asked the semi autonomous Chinese city for Snowden’s provisional arrest, its response was essentially this: Who exactly do you mean?

US man accused of killing puppy in dishwasher

Police in Tennessee say a puppy was killed when a man put it in a dishwasher and ran the machine…

Photo Gallery: SF celebrates gay marriage rulings

聯邦最高法院週三就同性婚姻作出歷史性的裁決,為同性戀者爭取權益踏出一大步,當晚有數千人湧到舊金山…A crowd surged from hundreds to several thousand in the city’s Castro neighborhood to celebrate…

New rules aim to rid schools of junk foods

High-calorie sports drinks and candy bars will be removed from school vending machines…

Metal bar falls through roof of Seattle home

Seattle police are trying to figure out how a three-pound piece of metal apparently fell from the sky and through a home….

30-year mortgage rate at 2-year high: 4.46 %

Average U.S. rates on fixed mortgages surged this week to their highest levels two years, and the rate on the 30-year loan…