Health officials warn of whooping cough epidemic

flu sneeze nb

California is currently experiencing a whooping cough epidemic, according to the California Department of Public Health…

Man freed in California jury mistake killed

Bobby Lee Pearson nb

Police in Central California say a man who was released from jail after a jury mistakenly signed…

Security camera catches hair thief in the act


A California store owner fights off a would-be shoplifter trying to make off with hair extensions…

California teacher tenure law unconstitutional


A judge has ruled that California’s tenure protections for public school teachers are unconstitutional…

Ten-year-old prodigy finishes high school with a 4.0

10 year old graduate nb

10-year-old prodigy finishes high school with a 4.0…

Police: California teacher kidnapped 3 students

fatal stabbing nb

Authorities say a Southern California high school teacher is in jail for allegedly abducting three students at knifepoint …

Vegas ambush deaths: 2 police, 2 shooters, 1 other

LV shooting nb

Two police officers having lunch were fatally shot in a point-blank ambush by a man and woman, who then fled to a nearby…

State board votes to protect California wolf

grey wolf nb

California officials have decided to add the gray wolf to the state’s endangered species list….

GOP candidate Neel Kashkari faces Gov. Jerry Brown


GOP candidate Neel Kashkari will face Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown in the governor race in November…

California’s state universities hiring new faculty


California’s state universities are hiring 700 full-time faculty members, putting the skids on years of class and staff reductions…