California deputy who shot teen won’t face charges


Prosecutors said Monday they will not file criminal charges against a Northern California sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed…

Video shows California officer punching woman

police beating woman nb

The California Highway Patrol has vowed to carry out a thorough investigation after a video emerged of one of its officers repeatedly punching…

Police suspect 11-year-old boy was kept in cage

parents arrested nb

An 11-year-old autistic boy who police suspect was kept in a cage has been removed from a Southern California home…

Alleged pimp arrested for beating at San Mateo motel


An alleged pimp that police said beat a victim he had forced into prostitution after she tried to call for help…

Discounted plastic surgery gone wrong

plastic surgery nb

The medical horror stories of people who try to find cheaper plastic surgery….

Nightmare nanny agrees to leave Califronia home

live in nanny nb

The story about an upland, California nanny who wouldn’t leave despite being fired went viral on Friday….

CA dog digs up backyard and finds human remains

human remains nb

A Yuba City Syberian Husky made a big discovery on Monday night….

CA couple says their live-in nanny won’t get out

live in nanny nb

California couple says live-in nanny is refusing to leave their home after they fired her…

AB2293 for TNC’s insurance approved


AB2293 for TNC’s insurance approved…

Former care nurse charged with elder abuse, tax, unemployment fraud


A former nursing assistant has been charged with stealing from an elderly Salinas woman in her care…