California man accused of groping teen on flight

flight cabin nb

A California man is in custody after federal officials say he groped and sexually propositioned a teenage girl on a flight…

Young salmon trucked downstream due to drought

salmon nb

The severe drought in California is prompting state and federal wildlife officials to launch an unusual rescue operation involving …

Couple arrested after 3 children found underfed

couple child abuse nb

(中文) 加州Monterey縣警方證實,Salinas市一對女同性戀者涉嫌虐待三名子女被捕,兩人於上週五被控虐待和忽視兒童罪…[:en[Monterey County authorities say a Salinas couple is under arrest after three children were discovered badly …

Sex abuse allegations among 3rd-graders

Authorities are looking into allegations that a third-grade boy at a Southern California elementary school …

Changes in California election law


(中文) 加州今年六月的初選,將首次讓選民跨黨投票。有團體鼓勵更多無政黨立場的華裔登記投票…

CA woman puts middle finger sculpture in yard

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A woman in California is defending a controversial statue in her yard of a giant hand giving the middle finger….

CA: Hydrogen fuel cell and CNG vehicles expand lease service

Honda Nature Gas and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (KTSF)

The nation’s first-ever school bus from Kings Canyon Unified School District in San Joanquin Valley debuts in the Bay Area. In the next few years, more and more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles…

CA measles cases on the rise

The California Department of Public Health confirmed 32 cases so far this year, 7 in the Bay Area…

California questions how do you regulate ‘driverless cars’

Edmund G. Brown Jr.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles began Tuesday to puzzle through the complex question of how to regulate cars that rely on computers, not people, to drive them…

2 dozen injured as California school stage falls

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Investigators combed through a collapsed theater stage at a Southern California high school Sunday, trying to determine why it buckled during..