California News

Drought impact on summer food prices

受加州乾旱影響, 今夏蔬果批發價可能增漲三成 (KTSF)

The effects of drought could hit the food markets in California soon. A Chinese farmer predicts that the wholesale prices for fresh produce…

Sleeping girl killed after car drives into home


A California girl asleep in her bed has died after a driver accused of being drunk crashed his SUV into her home…

Salinas: woman on tracks fatally struck by train

railway track nb

A train fatally struck a woman on the tracks in Salinas on Saturday night, a police commander said….

Unruly man charged after jet diverts to Nebraska

passenger nb

A man removed from a California-bound Southwest Airlines flight is facing federal charges because he tried to open a door….

NTSB: No evidence of pre-impact fire in CA crash


Federal investigators say they haven’t found any physical evidence that a FedExtruck was on fire before it slammed …

One twin missing in CA bus, truck collision that killed 10

bus crash nb

A Southern California family is desperately trying to locate one of two identical twins whose bus was involved …

Ten killed as truck and bus carrying students collide


The bus and truck were on opposite sides of the freeway when the truck crossed a grass median and slammed into the bus…

Man charged with nine contract killings in California

Jose Manuel Martinez nb

A suspected contract killer charged with killing nine people in three California counties over several decades is being investigated in…

Cruise ship reports dozens on board are ill


Dozens of passengers on a cruise ship sailing roundtrip between LA and SF have come down with a stomach virus…

“Deltopia” street party turns violent near UCSB

street riot nb

In Southern California — an unauthorized street party ended in chaos….