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Body of child stowaway found in US cargo plane

air force cargo nb

A Pentagon spokesman says the body of a teen stowaway was found and removed from a compartment…

Couple wants middle names to include ‘Seamonster’

sea monster

Sea monsters may exist only in the imagination, but a Massachusetts couple wants to make them part of their names….

Hilton Hotels to switch room keys with smartphones

hilton hotel nb

Hilton worldwide is going high tech….

Girl struck by plane on Florida beach dies


A 9-year-old girl who was struck by a plane that crash-landed on a beach has died from her injuries…

Dog faints when reunited with owner

dog faints nb

A schnauzer literally passed out when meeting owner after two years apart….

Police: 112 cats removed from North Las Vegas home

cats hoarding nb

North Las Vegas police are investigating how a woman was living with more than 100 cats in “uninhabitable” conditions…

Mysterious dolls left on porches of CA homes

mysterious dolls nb

Parents contacted authorities after finding porcelain dolls that look like their children on their doorsteps…

Florida teens charged in turtle torture

turtle torture nb

Two teen girls in Florida are facing animal cruelty charges…

Red Lobster tries acting like a fancier restaurant


Red Lobster wants to be seen as a purveyor of quality seafood, so it’s getting rid of some of its promotional discounts…

Aid Group: 2 Americans have Ebola in Liberia


Two American aid workers have tested positive for the Ebola virus while working to combat an outbreak of the deadly disease…